10 Reasons Women Leave Their Relationship Even When They’re In Love

10 Reasons Women Leave Their Relationship Even When They’re In Love

Love can be a magical feeling. But to create a successful long-lasting relationship, love alone isn’t gonna cut it. That’s why, sometimes, someone can be deeply, madly in love, and yet choose to leave their partner.

It’s truly heartbreaking when this happens. What makes it even sadder is that, usually, the other party may be completely oblivious to the problem which could have otherwise easily prevented.

Here are some reasons women leave their relationship, even when they’re truly in love.


Intimacy may not be a key factor in all relationships, but it definitely is in most of them. In fact, regular intimacy is crucial to positive relationship happiness and health in most allosexual relationships. But boring, routine intimate moments are no fun at all. It has to be passionate, at least to some degree!

Keep in mind that passion isn’t just about intimacy, though. It’s about a connection, it’s about togetherness, and it’s an assurance that a woman is still attractive in her partner’s eyes. Compliments, trying out new things together (both in and out of the bedroom), and having fun with each other are all areas of passion that may be accidentally ignored.


There’s nothing wrong with being young at heart. But immaturity can become dangerous. A woman may leave if her partner:

• Has no life goals

• Does not know what they want

• Cannot prioritize practicality over random desires

• Does not know how to save money

• Cannot perform standard adult tasks

• Is often very impulsive

• Cannot be relied on at all


Everyone wants to feel like they matter, even just to the most important people in their lives. If a woman is alone without her partner to support her, she may wonder if she’s important at all to them and decides to move on.

The loneliness that comes with being with a partner who refuses to participate in or acknowledge anything is painful. It can make a woman feel worthless – something she will one day realize she doesn’t deserve.


Nobody enjoys being compared to someone else – especially if it’s an unfavorable comparison. This is even worse when you do it to your partner, the person you’re supposed to love and cherish above anyone else.

Comparisons make anyone feel unappreciated, unattractive, unintelligent, and a whole bunch of other negative feelings. As a general rule, someone who makes it a habit to compare a girlfriend or wife to others isn’t worth dating.


Emotional availability is often overlooked in relationships, but they are crucial to its longevity. Someone who steers away from emotional vulnerability and detaches themselves from everything around them is a cool movie trope archetype – but it doesn’t work in real life.

A woman wants her partner to be emotionally available. She wants to be aware of her partner’s wants and desires. If women feel like they’re dating a robot, there isn’t much point in them sticking around. This can cause her to feel unappreciated and unimportant, as well as just plain uninteresting to her partner. At that point, her only option is to move on.


Anyone seeking to be in a long-term relationship should know that lies and secrecy need to be excluded from the table. Lying and secrecy can lead to tension and strain in any partnership, and it can ruin a woman’s trust in her partner entirely.

Healthy relationships involve communication and honesty. Without these components, a romance is doomed to fail from the start. After all, what reason is there to keep so many secrets and tell so many lies? What does that person have to hide?

Lies form a tangled web that you’re bound to get stuck in. Instead of telling these dangerous half-truths, opt for positive, open communication instead. A healthy relationship needs that to survive – if not, the woman is going to walk.


When you’re in a relationship with someone, you want to be with them. You want to spend time with them. You want to take comfort in each other’s presence, enjoy meals and dates, and just be next to each other. But sometimes, a partner has every excuse as to why they aren’t present enough.

All that leaves their partner shoved in a corner, the bottom of their priority list – or, at least, nowhere near the top

Justice Schanfarber, a well-known marriage counselor, states that this happens to even the best of people. But those who do this are taking their girlfriend or wife for granted, and that never bodes well for any relationship.


We all have our moments of insecurity, and there’s nothing wrong with some dashes of it. Talking about insecurities with your partner is a great way to grow closer to each other. But when that insecurity overshadows everything in your relationship, it could push a woman to leave.

• Everyone struggles with insecurity, but it is something that must be worked on.

• It isn’t something that should be allowed to consume one’s every action.

• If you find yourself feeling overly jealous or not trusting the woman in your life, question why that is.

• Don’t treat her like she cannot be trusted just because you have some issues to work through.


In this day and age, what women want is an equal partner, someone who shares 50% of the load and gives as good as they get. A healthy relationship is a two-way street. There is no relationship in the world that can function properly when one party always gives and the other always receives.

These imbalances are more than enough to make any woman leave their relationship, even when they’re in love.


Change is inevitable and unavoidable. Sometimes, sadly, it causes relationships to end – and this is the one thing you can’t do much about.

A woman may leave her relationship if she feels she and her partner have grown into completely different people. She may no longer recognize the person she fell in love with. Or, she may no longer agree with his ideals, or her life may be heading in a different direction than his.

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