15 Most Hilarious Pictures Of Dads Being Defeated By Parenthood

15 Most Hilarious Pictures Of Dads Being Defeated By Parenthood

Pride and affection fill your heart when you become a parent. However, raising a child is a real challenge. Most people believe that moms are better able to raise their children than fathers are. That doesn’t mean that all fathers are bad parents. The best fathers are those who aren’t afraid to have fun with their kids, no matter how much trouble they get into. Children love to play with their fathers because of this.

It can be hard to be a dad, though. Dads that are witty and cool are willing to cope with any problems that may arise. There are usually a lot of kids who are always loud and annoying, and they keep getting in the way of their dads’ work. Dads, on the other hand, are more than willing to put up with their children’s misbehavior. Besides, dads try to have fun with their kids, too, like having their nails and hair done by their daughter. Because of this, their strong and cool image might get a little bit, princessy. But they are all funny and memorable things about being a dad that every dad will go through. We’ve gathered 15 amusing photographs that show that even the most powerful fathers may be defeated by parenthood.

#1 I Can Hear Things Getting Defeated! Ouch! That Gotta Hurt.

Source: Awkward family photos

#2 You Can Tell He Is A First Time Dad!

Source: Sometimes_mama_yells

#3 Its Baby’s Milk Burp, Not…A Hair A Gel

Source: sogeking_maza

#4 Again, Yah,

Source: jahoozawitz

#5 Smile Through The Pain Jimmy, You Are A Horsey!

Source: Awkward family photos

#6 Chris Hemsworth Understood The Assignment!

Source: Unknown

#7 I Don’t Think Anyone Can Beat This Dad

Source: Unknown

#8 No More Peaceful Playstation For You, My Guy

Source: Unknown

#9 If I Kept You Seated On My Neck, Will You Stop Crying?

Source: Unknown

#10 I Can Feel The Exhaustion In This Picture

Source: Imgur

#11 Dad! Mom Said For You To Put *ME* To Sleep! Not You To Sleep On My Crib!

Source: Imgur

#12 Even The Strongest Man Becomes The Softest When It Comes To His Babies

Source: therock

#13 Gotta Support My Baby’s Dream No Matter What I Have To Go Through

Source: Jimmie Walker

#14 You Can Clearly See, He Had No Say In This Situation

Source: jtsports12

#15 This Right Here Is A Proud Dad!

Source: Paul_Bettany
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