30 Beautiful Photos Of Nature From The 2021 Nature Photographer Of The Year Awards

30 Beautiful Photos Of Nature From The 2021 Nature Photographer Of The Year Awards

It’s impossible not to be awestruck by the beauty of nature in images. It’s true what they say about not being able to capture what you see with your own eyes using a camera lens. However, there are a few photographers who are so talented that their photographs are better than our own eyes.

Every year, the Nature Photographer of the Year Awards are given out to honor these talented photographers. For the sole purpose of ensuring that their efforts are recognized. Here are a few of the best images from this year’s contest.

#1 “Shortness Of Breath” By Csaba Daróczi. From Black And White Category


#2 “The Hand That Feeds” By Andrew Upton. From Human And Nature Category

#3 “The Prow” By Andrea Pozzi. Runner-Up Of Landscape Category

#4 “Dolphins Home” By Dmitry Kokh. Runner-Up Of Underwater Category

#5 “Winter Migration” By Terje Kolaas. Overall Winner Of Birds Category

#6  “Last Embrace” By Roie Galitz. Runner-Up Of Animal Portraits Category

#7 “Flying Over A Pastel ‘Rainbow’” By Ronald Zimmerman. Runner-Up Of The Nature Of “De Lage Landen”

#8 “Yin And Yang” By Gheorghe Popa. Runner-Up Of Black And White Category

#9  “Red In Red” By Georg Nies. Winner Of Underwater Category

#10 “The King Of The Ocean” By Javier Murcia. Winner Of Human And Nature Category

#11  “Water Lilies Marvelous World” By Gaël Modrak. From Underwater Category

#12 “We Are Hanging On The Web” By Csaba Daróczi. From Other Animals Category

#13 “Leafy Night” By Scot Portelli. From Animal Portraits Category

#14  “Nature’s Eatable Arctic Gold” By Audun Rikardsen. Runner-Up Of Plants And Fungi Category

#15 “Fox Crossing The Bridge” By Andius Teijgeler. Winner Of The Nature Of “De Lage Landen”

#16 “Twilight Hunters” By Norbert Kovács. From Mammals Category

#17 “Slow But Safe” By Ruben Perez Novo. Runner-Up Of Other Animals Category

#18 “Black Leopard” By William Burrard-Lucas. Winner Of Animal Portraits Category

#19  “Fishing Trip At Sunrise” By Miquel Angel Artús Illana. Runner-Up Of Birds Category

#20 “Ice Cell” By Gheorghe Popa. Winner Of Nature Art Category

#21  “Dragon’s Lair” By Denis Budkov. Winner Of Landscape Category

#22 “Heat Of Hoar” By Rupert Kogler. Winner Of Plants And Fungi Category

#23 “Walking Along Fennels” By Ruben Perez Novo. Winner Of Other Animals Category

#24  “White Wedding” By Roie Galitz. Winner Of Black And White Category

#25 “Emotional Range” By Lea Lee Inoue. Winner Of Fred Hazelhoff Portfolio Award

#26  “Sundance” By Christian Spencer. A Part Of The Series Called ‘Winged Prisms’

#27 “Inside A Sequoia” By Uge Fuertes. From Plants And Fungi Category

#28 “Beautiful World” By Levi Fitze. Winner Of Youth Category

#29 “Young Wolf (Canis Lupus)” By Aare Udras. Runner-Up Of Mammals Category

#30 “Bluebells And Beeches” By Richard Verroen. From The Nature Of “De Lage Landen”

Image source: Nature Photographer of the Year

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