30 Hummingbirds Hold Mini Pool Party Ritual In A Bird Bath

30 Hummingbirds Hold Mini Pool Party Ritual In A Bird Bath

Humans love to throw pool parties with friends. However, ever seen such a thing in the animal world? If you pay careful attention to your surroundings, we’re sure that you’ll see some unexpected activities of animals. Enthusiastic meetings and joyful water games can not only be seen in pool parties but in bird baths as well. This Backyard nature store called Wild Wings specializes in fountains and feed. They captured this wonderful video of adorable hummingbirds taking a bath. The massive hummingbird bath consisted of 30 birds. Needless to say, the refreshing bath with exciting talks and water splashes was truly wonderful.

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All hummingbirds have a bathing style that’s unique to them. Most of them sit in one place and relax. However, others have much more energy in them. These hyperactive creatures take a quick dip in the water, and then, in a spilt second, fly out of the water. Since this video is short, watch it more than once. By doing so, you’ll be able to observe how each hummingbird interacts with their surroundings. Seeing how these little creatures have fun in unique ways is truly fascinating.

Hummingbird bird bath
Source: YouTube

Usually, we can see one or two birds in a bath. However, 30 birds bathing together is rare. Hummingbirds are known to be territorial creatures. Therefore, the harmony seen in this video doesn’t last long. Wild Wings sells this hummingbird bird bath which is specially designed to suit their taste. If you wish to learn more about Wild Wings, click here. So, if you enjoyed this story, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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