5 Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Woman

5 Things You Should Never Do To Impress A Woman

Epic dating failures, we see them often in movies, TV even on social media. But ever so often we see guys repeating these same mistakes over and over again. Here are 5 of the more common ways we believe should never be used to try and impress a woman.

1. Send Unsolicited Body Pics

This one is a classic, Women often claim that they get annoying pictures from men trying to impress them with their bodies.

Your particular body-parts should never be used to impress a woman that you are interested in. Bragging about your stamina, physical attributes, or sexual activities is also not something that will impress a woman.


Girls find men being authentic very attractive. Researchers at Cornell University studying online dating profiles found that the lower online daters felt the need to appear in their true self, most often they would resort to enhancing their profile pics and lie about their physique (height, weight, age). Boys! This is not the right way…

3. Discard Emotional Feelings

Usually, men are not that open with their emotions but if you want to impress a woman you must show her your emotional side. Women connect to relate to others through communication and expression of feelings. So, even if you aren’t a crier, occasionally talk about things that sadden you so she knows you are capable of feeling and understanding her emotions.

4. Brag About your wealth

Don’t get it wrong. Having a steady income and the ability to manage your bills is a sure way of impressing her, however, outright bragging about your revenue is tacky.

Money is definitely not everything when it comes to a good woman. Researchers at Chapman University studying dating preferences found that both men and women were least interested in their partner “having a steady income, and were generally less interested in qualities like making an equal amount of money, or even making a lot of money.” They also added that although the appearance is important for men and women ages 18-25 in dating, “appearance and income aren’t going to hold your hand when you are in the hospital or sick or when you are playing board games together at night.”

5. Not Having Proper Life Goals

No, trying to impress her won’t count as a long-term goal in case if you’re wondering, Girls are more interested in what you have planned for your future. If you make the right impression, she is likely to join you in your quest to achieving life goals. This is important to her in deciding if you might be the right fit, and so it should also be important to you.

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