8 Must Know Time-Saving Computer Tips and Tricks

8 Must Know Time-Saving Computer Tips and Tricks

There are different types of users; the people who talk to Siri or Cortana, Use the keyboard or using their mouse. No worries about that, any of you can use certain tips and tricks along with few shortcuts to make your life much easier. Be a smart user and make productive use of your precious time.

1. Ctrl+T for New Tab

Ctrl+T for New Tab

If you spend most of the time on the internet then you will truly need this. You can open a hundred and one new tabs when you do browsing per day. Instead of doing that manually using a mouse, you can just press “ctrl” along with the “T” key on your keyboard. If you a Mac user then press the “Command” key along with the letter “T”.

2. Browse Google simply before seeking help from an expert or a technician

Browse Google

Most of the technical problems can be immediately resolved using the google guidelines. It is easier than spending time on an expert or technician. 90% of the time users have very little problems which can be resolved in a few minutes. You can just type your problem in google and read what tech forums and other sites and videos have to tell you. Most probably you can cool down with their help and save your money.

3. Use the google currency converter

google currency converter

Why we need a calculator when we have google. This will greatly help you when you travel abroad. You might always need to know how much you get when you exchange your currencies. You need only to simply time how much you going to spend and select the currency of the relevant currency. “ 1000 Euros to Dollars Or 1000 Dollars to euros” It is just simple as this.

4. Use Air Plane mode to charge your battery quickly

Air Plane mode

When you are in airplane mode, this will disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and related features. This will give the chance to charge your battery faster since this cut down a huge burden from your battery than normal. You can expect your battery to be charged approximately 20 minutes faster than usual.

5. Alt+ Click on image to go for quick download

Alt+ Click

How do you download an image from the internet? Most of you might download it by right click on image > save. But do you know there are quick ways to start download an image than this? Just Press ALT Key on your keyboard and click on the relevant image. This will automatically download the image to your downloads or ask you a place to save the image. If you are a Mac Book user, then Press control and click the image. this will appear you a drop-down to select the copy image.

6. Hide your IP in browsing

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There are numerous ways to hide you. You can invisibly browse using a Virtual Private Network or VPN. this can hide your real location and related personal details. You can either install a VPN to your favorite browser or you can just browse for a free VPN and use it for browsing. I have used both of them and I can recommend any of them. You can download (https://download.cnet.com/PeerBlock/3000-10435_4-75328692.html – PeerBlock) from here, or either set a free VPN extension to your browser Or you can get used to online free VPN like (hide.me – https://hide.me/en/proxy ). This will provide you safe browsing for whatever thing with nobody knowing anything about that.

7. Use “f.lux” to automatically adjust your brightness to the environment


You might be working in various locations. So you must have experience in how hard it is to work in dark surroundings with a high bright screen. Most of the devices have the night shift mode function. this will automatically adjust the brightness at night. But if you don’t have that, No Worries. You can have “f.lux”, (f.lux – https://justgetflux.com/) download it from here. This will adjust your screen brightness according to your environment.

8. Clean your Desktop to make your world faster

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If you are dead with the speed of your devices then try out cleaning your desktop. Probably your desktop might be filled with too many icons. Try to have one folder and subfolders inside that instead of having many and organize related files to that. Next, put your all apps in the taskbar to left with almost an empty desktop. This will immediately help you to fasten your device.

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