9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Seeking Approval From Others

9 Reasons Why You Should Stop Seeking Approval From Others

When you are waiting for some other to give permission, it adds an additional step to your decision making process. This means you have given up your powers in living your life to others. But why do you work on other’s plan instead of driving your own life?

You are the one who controls your life

When you want others to approve your decisions, remember that you are the one who controls your life. You can have directions to follow your plans by listening to your heart and passions. Most of the time others are too not pretty sure about their plans, no much yours. Sooner, you are the one in charge of your own desires and plans. Trust yourself and the powers to get you on your unique path.

You are the owner of your happiness

People outside yourself can make you happy, but they are not the ones who can control it. Waiting for others to cheers often end up you in disappointments because others will follow their own path, not yours. They may not understand your true desires and dreams.

Your destiny lies with you and remembers, your success and happiness come from your own soul. Remember that others can put you down, but the truth is you can never let you down. Be your own beacon of success, happiness, and joy.

Tips to Stop Seeking Approval from Others

Waiting for Approval need more Time

Think about the time you spent in clarifying your plans to others and make them think about your work. But the reality is some people never want to get your point or think from your point of view. So asking for other’s approval is an extensive time-consuming process in decision making.

You can explain your plans to others, but don’t rely on their supports. Time is consuming, don’t consume it by convincing others. Instead, work on your burning desires, make it a go.

Your freedom is not with others

Think about how you would feel in getting a big step ahead by yourself. When you feel like to take permission from anyone outside, Try to put that first into action. Next time do not wait to inform everyone about what you do and not. Believe it or not, then you will be relieved from lots of headaches. Remember you are the master of your life. Real freedom comes when we are truly up to our own full potential.

Don’t try to please others.

Not everyone or no one at all will initially like your desires except you. That’s fine, It doesn’t mean you are bad at making decisions. You are the precision thing in your life. Being a pleaser everyone comfortable except yourself. Do what makes you comfortable, others can either join your parade or rain your work. But don’t forget that you are not liable to fix others and they drive their own life.

Don’t lose a chance to know who you are

There is nothing important than your relationship with you to yourself. If you closely hear your inner wisdom it will realize you who you are and what exactly you want. Make your own time to tune yourself and ignore other’s attempts to control you. Rather than others being responsible for your life, to figure who you are, learn yourself, and trust your plans.

Don’t Waste your potential energy in waiting for Approvals

Not only other approval waste your time, but it drains your energy. The energy built up everything in this world including you and me. Unnecessary actions always waste your energy. When you have the fire to light up your life, you don’t need outside to light up it for you.

Don’t give up following what your heart says

Why do you let others kill your dreams? Be confident about yourself. Listen to yourself and trust what your heart says. It will direct you to your unique path. You will never discover the inner voice of you if you worry over other’s reactions.

Approvals will end up you among fears

When you expect permission from others, it starts you wonder how others will think about you, what will happen if they reject your opinion. This will be the foundation of most of your fears in following you. Being anxious about others’ responses, always hold you back. Until now we have been set up to be afraid of lots of things; people, their opinions, society, and new ideas. But if you assure your life, don’t think twice to get rid of acceptance seeking.

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