A Dog Who Died 100 Years Ago Still Receiving Stick Gifts On His Monument.

A Dog Who Died 100 Years Ago Still Receiving Stick Gifts On His Monument.

Have you ever seen someone still getting gifts 100 years after they died? Well, this story is about a sweet dog named Rex.

Dogs are well-known for being among the most thoughtful and devoted members of the animal kingdom. Many people still remember Rex, a dog who died more than a century ago, even though he is no longer alive. This sweet puppy belonged to John Snow, a compassionate food vendor who took good care of him.

After the death of their owner, Rex and his owner remained inseparable. In Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery, John’s beloved dog rests beside him. One of America’s “American Hachikos,” he was always there for his owner.

As a memorial to Rex, the cemetery’s occupants sculpted a life-size bronze statue of him.

Pictures of his gravestone recently appeared on Twitter. People still lay sticks and small branches of trees around his monument to express that the town still remembers him. It went viral, and the most frequently asked question was, “Why?”

It was later that someone from Brooklyn said that the sticks are a way to remember the beloved dog that their grandparents told them about.

They also visit Rex’s grave, put sticks in his bronze paws, and ask him for help. To look after their adoringly missed pets till they can reunite with them! I sure hope he’s having a fantastic time with all of those adoring pets up there! Rex, may you rest in peace. You will always be loved.

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