Adorable Baby Bear Makes The Most Endearing Happiness Sounds While A News Anchor Holds Him

Adorable Baby Bear Makes The Most Endearing Happiness Sounds While A News Anchor Holds Him

Have you ever heard a bear purr or make super-adorable sounds of happiness? You may find this a little difficult to believe. However, Shara Parks, a reporter from Utah, recently found out about this. Baby black bears can indeed make sounds of happiness that sound like a feline. One of such adorable bear cubs from Yellowstone Bear World appeared on a show, and it became a little too comfortable with Parks. The absolutely adorable bear cub liked her so much that it curled up against her neck, and let out endearing sounds of delight.

Black bear cub

The happiness noises coming out from the snuggled-up bear cub took Parks by surprise, as she hasn’t experienced such a thing before. Cooing the cub, she said that the sound means that she’s doing something right. When she consulted the bear’s handler regarding the sounds, she learned that it’s a sound of happiness made by bears when people pet them.

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This shows how similar to humans, bears use various vocalizations in order to communicate with other bears. Low grumbles, woofing, jaw-popping, and moans are some of these vocalizations. We can catch them making these pleasure sounds on numerous occasions. Some of them are eating special trees, relaxing, and nursing. As claimed by the experts, when black bear cubs make this noise, we can be certain they are feeling very comfortable and happy.


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Isn’t it amazing that this black bear cub felt so happy in Parks’s arms, whom it probably met for the very first time? So, check out the pictures and videos and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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