Adorable Wildlife Shows Polar Bear Cub Freaks Out By Baby Seal

Adorable Wildlife Video Shows Polar Bear Cub Freaking Out By Baby Seal

We humans never get tired of adorable animal videos. In fact, we sometimes spend hours and hours on YouTube watching animals doing nothing but being cute. There’s no doubt that adorable animals make us the happiest, making our moods better immediately. So, if you are also an animal lover, this story is for you! I’m sure that this will be one of the cutest and most endearing animal videos you’ve ever seen, if not the cutest. The absolutely adorable video features a polar bear cub, who freaks out for a moment after seeing a baby seal. As soon as the baby seal puts its head out of the water, the polar bear cub gets scared. Then, it falls on the ground in a moment of fear.

Watch The Adorable Video Below

The video was accidentally captured by the BBC shooting crew. They were filming a Mama polar bear and her cubs for the Snow Bears series at the moment. As the Mama bear was hungry, she begins to chase after seals, hoping that her cubs might watch and learn from her. However, the baby seal managed to scare one of the cubs away! The adorable cub was taken by surprise, and it gently falls on its back before getting back up.

Cub and baby seal

BBC posted the wholesome video online, and it received lots of love from its audience. The adorable yet hilarious video has gathered over a whopping 15 million views. So, check out the heartwarming video above, and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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