Beautiful Silver Cat Sisters Share The Most Mesmerizing Green Eyes

Beautiful Silver Cat Sisters Share The Most Mesmerizing Green Eyes

Xafi and Auri, the cat siblings, have a way of taking your breath away.  Their eyes are bright green, and their silver coats make them look like gems. This captivating pair steals the show in whatever photographs they appear in. Yet they don’t allow their beauty to cover their sense of humor. The siblings often point their tongues at the camera or at each other, and they do it all the time.

Xafi and Auri are related to each other via blood. Xafi and Auri were born in the spring of 2016 and the fall of that same year.

At first, when they were tiny and cute furballs, it was easy to tell them apart. However, as they have grown to the same size, it has gotten more difficult—especially for their Instagram followers.
But their owners, Anneken and Tim, can tell the difference of their cats easily.

They say , that Auri has a rounder chubby face with wide ears and a little darker fur. while on the other hand, Xafi has a more v-shaped face, with not wider but taller ears. 

Their paw-rents say that the two cats have different personalities. Xafi likes to snuggle with her hoomans and sit on their laps while they work or watch TV.

“Klepto-Cat,” on the other hand, is a nickname Auri has earned because she likes to steal things and run away with them. She also likes to shred toilet paper, “attack blankets and cat beds.”

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