There's A Cute Species Of Bees That Sleeps In Flowers

There’s A Cute Species Of Bees That Sleeps In Flowers

Bees are extremely significant to everyone, as they are the most important pollinator in the world. According to statistics, bees pollinate around one-third of food crops that are consumed by other living beings. This requires lots of work, so it’s no surprise that they need their beauty sleep as well. Joe Neely, a wildlife photographer, recently photographed two bees, snuggled together in a flower. These absolutely adorable pictures show a totally different and rare side of these amazing creatures.


Bees sleeping on flowers
Neely states that he came across this moment when he went to find poppy flowers with his fiancé. They have seen this patch of flowers on their way back, just off the highway. When Nicole was taking pictures of an orange Globe Mallow plant hidden beneath the pink flowers, she heard the buzzing sound of the bees. She saw that bees were on some flowers. However, they were not moving. Neely studied the flowers for a while. After some time, they noticed that more and more bees came, occupying all the vacant flowers.


Bees sleeping on flowers

Neely had no idea that bees sleep in flowers. This particular species of bees named Diadasia diminuta, sleep on orange Globe Mallow flowers. Due to this reason, these bees are also called globe-mallow bees.

As claimed by the Forest Service at the United States Department of Agriculture, globe-mallow bees play a significant role in the reproduction process of these flowers. When they visit these flowers, they get covered with pollen. There’s a pollen basket on the hind legs of these bees, and most of the pollen are groomed into it, and these are carried to the nest. However, some remain on their bodies. These remains are deposited on the stigma of the flowers globe-mallow flowers visited next.


Bees sleeping on flowers


Bees sleeping on flowers


Bees sleeping on flowers


Bees sleeping on flowers

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