Two Besties 'Fell In Love' With Same Woman And Form Throuple

Two Besties ‘Fell In Love’ With The Same Woman And Form Throuple

We come across different sorts of relationships every day, but this is definitely the most unique of them all. Two best friends, after ‘falling in love’ with the same woman, have formed a ‘throuple’ with her.

The best buddies, both from Brazil, first met Olga at a local bar, while enjoying a holiday in Barcelona on the 19th of August 2019. Dino De Souza, 40, and Saulo Gomes, 30, were both captivated by Olga, who was hanging out at the bar with her friends. Both Dino and Saulo wanted to ask her out.

Saulo, Dino and Olga
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Though they were worried about solving the matter without ruining their friendship, both men approached her. After getting to know each other, the trio eventually started dating.

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They say that becoming a throuple was totally unexpected. Both Dino and Saulo claim that they fell head over heels for Olga. After approaching her, they invited her for a drink, and that marked the start of their unique relationship.

Saulo, Dino and Olga
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Expressing his feelings about their relationship, Dino stated: “For us, it is not a question of being in a relationship with three people. It’s a question of chemistry, we happened to be connected”. He added that they are even able to understand what the other is thinking or feeling, suggesting the strength of their chemistry. He further stated that he can’t even find the proper words to describe his feelings.

Dino With Olga

Dino and Olga
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The trio has dated for almost a year and a half, doing everything that a typical couple would, but as a threesome. They revealed that at first, their family and friends were shocked to learn about their relationship and that they struggled to understand it. However, eventually, they have become supportive of the throuple.

Although they still continue to receive negative reactions from people, they just ignore them and focus on their relationship. Dino stated that once people get to know them, they get surprised and change their negative opinions about the throuple. He further explained: “We are very mature and philosophical about life. We always try to stay positive and do not waste our energy with negative things”.

Saulo With Olga

Saulo and Olga
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Ups and downs are a given for any relationship. Especially in a threesome, it’s only natural to have much more disagreements. Therefore, to finalize major decisions, they vote.

According to Dino, he’s the child of the relationship and is the one who brings positivity. Saulo is the well-organized and serious one, and Olga is the disorganized and distracted one. He also revealed that Olga is the person who brings unconditional and pure love to the relationship.

The trio presently lives in Toulouse, France, and they are planning to have children together in the future.

Saulo, Dino and Olga
Credits: Jam Press

Dino revealed that in the future, they wish to share the philosophy on their way of life while traveling the world and growing their business.

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