16 Reactions To The Billionaire Space Race That Are Brutally Honest

16 Reactions To The Billionaire Space Race That Are Brutally Honest

It’s a well-known fact that Jeff Bezos who’s the richest man in the world owns an aerospace company. This company named Blue Origin is set to take him to outer space. On the 20th of July, Bezos will get inside New Shepherd, his own space shuttle, to explore the space, achieving his childhood dream. However, the founder of Amazon will not be the first or the second to launch himself above us. The honor of being the first person to do this belongs to Charles Simonyi, a former software engineer from Microsoft.

Bezos revealed his plan to the public in June. Soon after, Richard Branson stated that he would be going on a space flight in his own Virgin Galactic VSS Unity, more than a week before Bezos. The 70-year-old indeed went on his journey, eventually winning the billionaire space race.

Billionaire space race

However, not everyone is inspired by this rivalry. In fact, many people find it extremely useless. Jacob Silverman, a writer, called it “a tragically wasteful ego contest”, and he’s not alone. A huge amount of Twitter users agree with Silverman and are criticizing the billionaires for being so inconsiderate of the current situation of the world. According to Silverman, Branson, Bezos, and Musk are not fulfilling a collective goal that will benefit the human race in the long run.









Silverman states that Branson has said that he wants to make space travel easily accessible to everyone. The cost of an early reservation on Virgin Galactic flights was $250,000. Also, the price of a seat on the July 20 flight of Blue Origin was $28 million.

Billionaire space race

It’s true that we can’t expect billionaires to help each and every person to be free from poverty and hunger. However, they are certainly capable of making millions of lives better. So, check out the article share your thoughts about the billionaire space race in the comments!






One important takeaway from billionaires going to space is that we should have a wealth tax now.
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