California To Start Constructing World's Biggest Wildlife Crossing To Assist Mountain Lions

California To Start Constructing World’s Biggest Wildlife Crossing To Assist Mountain Lions

So many manmade infrastructures across the world negatively affect wildlife, directly or indirectly. When the habitats of animals are sacrificed for artificial constructions, by and by, it leads to the extinction of animals, as their natural lifestyles are disturbed by humans. When constructing something, it’s imperative for humans to be mindful of animals. This new bridge in Los Angeles, California which allows animals to fully cross a busy intersection, aims to undo some of the negative impacts caused by humans. This will be the largest wildlife crossing in the world and it will greatly help the mountain lions in the area.

Mountain lions
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The name of the bridge is Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing. It crosses the Ventura Freeway in LA and will connect the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains.

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For a long time, the freeway has been a huge hindrance for the local mountain lions. Since 2002, many animals have died from road accidents too. Because of this, the local mountain lions struggle to travel and find mates, affecting their genetic diversity.

Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing
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One of the animals that had a really hard time due to the freeway is a mountain lion called P-22. He traveled across a couple of freeways and settled down in a park in LA. As claimed by AP, in the present, this mountain lion has become a symbol of how urbanization of the city ruined wildlife. P-22 has inspired officials to build this massive wildlife crossing. Such crossings are quite common. However, the scale of this one is unbelievable.

When this project is complete, mountain lions will be able to safely and easily without interrupting human travel. Animals like bobcats, coyotes, and deer will also be benefitted from this timely project.

Mountain lions
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The cost of this project is estimated to be around $90 million. While a majority of the cost will be covered via private donations, public conservation funds will be used for the rest. One of the philanthropists donated a whopping $25 million for this, and the project is named after him.

The construction of this incredible freeway will begin on April 22, 2022, which is Earth day. The authorities expect to complete the project in 2025. Construction procedures will be carried out at night without imposing any major traffic shutdowns. Also, it’ll be constructed in a way that blends nicely with the natural geography. So, what are your thoughts about this amazing project that will greatly benefit wildlife? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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