Scientists Planning To Build A "Black Box" Which Will Record The End Of Civilization

Scientists Planning To Build A “Black Box” Which Will Record The End Of Civilization

Have you ever thought about what would remain on earth if, or when, human civilization finally collapse? Humans have been selfishly driving the earth towards destruction for a long time, because of personal benefits. Therefore, when it finally reaches the end, we can hope that some of the strongest buildings will remain. Either way, what’s certain is that, although humanity has surely accomplished countless great things, there won’t be enough evidence of these achievements. Also, the reasons for its downfall will also remain unknown.

Earth's Black Box
Earth’s Black Box

One group of scientists wants to change that, and their solution is truly unique and interesting. Their suggestion is to build an enormous indestructible box that has the ability to record scientific data. Through this, future civilizations will be able to know and understand what caused the end of humanity.

The project, which is a collaboration among the researchers from the University of Tasmania, marketing agency Clemenger BBDO, and creative agency The Glue Society, is named Earth’s Black Box. This massive steel monolith will be placed in an isolated location in Tasmania. The box will be constructed using steel with 3-inch thickness and cantilevered off the granite. Internet-connected electronic devices inside will be powered using solar panels. This indestructible recording device will record various climatic data such as CO2 levels in the atmosphere, ocean temperatures, levels of energy usage, etc.

Jim Curtis is the executive creative director at Clemenger BBDO. As claimed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), he states that future civilizations can learn what happened, using this device. Jonathan Kneebone, the cofounder of the Glue Society states that this device is designed to outlive all of us. The team behind this is currently trying to figure out a way to help future civilizations access the massive load of information contained in Earth’s Black Box.

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