Fishermen Catches Fascinating 'Cotton Candy' Lobster And Spares His Life

Fishermen Catches Fascinating ‘Cotton Candy’ Lobster And Spares His Life

Robinson Russel is a lobsterman who has been fishing for over 20 years. He lives on Grand Manan, a small coastal island in New Brunswick, Canada. Last November, Russel caught something truly shocking and unexpected. It was a lobster with a unique coloration that stood out from others.

The shell of the said lobster was bright and translucent. It was shining with hints of pale blue and purple, giving it a breathtaking appearance. The lobster was named ‘Lucky’, and although the lobster sometimes appears white, its color is not a result of albinism. Thanks to its unique, rainbow-like pigmentation, this lobster is nicknamed the “cotton candy” lobster.

Cotton candy lobster

Researchers at the Lobster Institute, University of Maine suggests that such a lobster is one in 100 million. Russel clearly knew that with the lobster being so rare, he’ll never be able to catch such a special lobster again.

The Unique Appearance Is Caused By A Genetic Mutation

Cynthia Callahan is the manager of the Huntsman Marine Science Center. She revealed that the reason for the brownish-green color of a typical lobster’s skin is the expression of shell pigments. In the case of Lucky, however, the coloration is the result of a genetic mutation. When this mutation occurs, one or more of the shell pigments, which are red, blue, and yellow, is displayed. Russel states that all sorts of color abnormalities are possible in lobsters. He has witnessed bright orange, blue, and yellow lobsters all living in the same bay.

Cotton candy lobster

However, with its dazzling skin, it’s obvious that Lucky is the rarest of them all. Russel just couldn’t let the special creature get killed and eaten by someone. Therefore, after taking some Instagram-worthy pics of the animal, he donated Lucky to the Huntsman Marine Aquarium in St. Andrews.

It’s great if Lucky the lobster could return to the ocean one day. With Russel’s decision, however, we can be sure that Lucky would be safe for the rest of its life.

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