Curious Parrot Photobombs A Highway Traffic Camera In Brazil

Curious Parrot Photobombs A Highway Traffic Camera In Brazil

Sometimes animals do some really hilarious and interesting things. This story about a curious turquoise-fronted amazon parrot who redefined the phrase “bird’s eye view” is from Brazil. The bird was caught in CCTV footage while examining a surveillance camera. The footage of the hilarious bird playing peekaboo with the highway camera is truly endearing yet funny. The footage took the internet by storm, leaving many people delighted.

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While it was flying, the parrot came across the surveillance camera in Curitiba, the southern Brazilian state of Paraná, and grew curious about it. So it decided to take a break and landed on the camera. This camera was looking over the busy BR0116 route. The bird was peering into the camera lens while adorably photobombing the view.

Parrot photobombs highway camera

The video of the epic moment was shared on Twitter by Arteris Planalto Sul which is a road management company. The video didn’t take long to spread to other social media platforms. The unexpected visitor kept looking through the camera lens, interrupting the view of moving vehicles.

Turquoise-fronted Amazon parrot

While people loved seeing the hilarious parrot, this isn’t the first time that birds have been interested in surveillance cameras in Brazil. In fact, a few months ago, a couple of toucans were spotted doing the same as this parrot. They were obstructing a camera on top of a traffic light in Campinas city, Sao Paulo. The duo seemed very hungry as they even tried to “eat” the camera by biting the device. So, if you enjoyed this story, watch the video below and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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