Scientists Notify People Against Harmful Trend Of Deep Frying Water

Scientists Notify People Against Harmful Trend Of Deep Frying Water

Recently, a dangerous trend of deep frying water has been spreading on the internet. However, experts alerted people about the possible dangers of this practice, stating that it could lead to fiery explosions.

The utterly ridiculous trend includes forming a sphere of water by mixing water with calcium agitate. Then, the sphere of water is coated with flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before dropping it to a fryer.

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As claimed by Dr. Christopher Cramer from the American Chemical Society, the pointless trend stands somewhere between insane and suicidal. He explains that the main issue with this trend is that when compared to the boiling point of water, the hot oil in a deep fryer is much hotter.

The boiling point of water is 100°C. When this happens, or in other words, when liquid water turns into gas, the volume of water expands by 1,500 times. This happens almost instantly. As soon as the very first section that begins to boil breaks the nugget, all of the remaining volumes will be exposed to the hot oil. This will immediately flash it to steam. Such an explosion can be extremely dangerous. The situation can get even worse if the oil falls onto a hot electric burner or gas flames.

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Chef Jonathan Marcus demonstrated this method of deep-frying water in 2016. However, this wasn’t intended to be repeated years later.

In an interview with VICE, James Orgill, a chemical engineer, stated that although numerous cooking channels were doing it, nobody was discussing the chemistry behind these edible polymers. He also said their flavor was so bad, kind of salty and slimy. He added: “It’s surprising that you can turn water into an edible dish, and it’s a little bit comical to fry it after. It seems ridiculous to say, even impossible.”

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