Deer With Piebaldism Becomes Famous In ‘Deer Tracks Junction'

Deer With Piebaldism Becomes Famous In “Deer Tracks Junction”

Owing to the unique and diverse phenomena present here, the world is a truly fascinating destination. Conditions such as leucism, albinism, and piebaldism found in living beings also add to the diversity of nature and make the world even more interesting.

This adorable baby deer was rejected and ignored by his mother when he was born. Later, kind-hearted men at the Deer Tracks Junction, Cedar Springs, adopted and looked after him. He was given the name ‘Dragon’ after adoption.


Piebald deer Dragon

A genetic condition called ‘Piebald’ can be seen in Dragon. In animals with Piebaldism, melanocyte cells are absent in the skin and hair. The Melanin pigment is produced by Melanin cells, which determine the color of skin, eyes, and hair. When melanocytes are absent, it can result in skin patches and lighter hair. This is why Dragon’s underbody is white in color.


Piebald deer Dragon


Piebald deer Dragon

Piebaldism is indeed a unique condition, and only 1% of deer are born with it. Unfortunately, their life expectancy is very low. One reason for this is being abandoned by their mothers at a young age, resulting in them becoming the prey of dangerous predators. Also, their visual and auditory senses are relatively weaker than normal deer. Due to all these reasons, Piebald deer are very vulnerable to become prey at any time. Dragon, however, was fortunate than the others, since he grew up under the care of human guardians.

Piebald deer Dragon Credit – Deer Tracks Junction

The dragon was loved by so many people, and lots of people enjoyed his company. However, unfortunately, he passed away just before his first birthday due to health complications.

Piebald deer Dragon

Credit – Deer Tracks Junction

Although little Dragon is no longer with us, his unerasable memories will remain in our hearts forever. No matter what, he will always be the cutest deer who received the love and care of big-hearted humans at the Deer Tracks Junction.


Piebald deer Dragon


Piebald deer Dragon
Image credits – Deer Tracks Junction

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