Diver Protects Sharks By Reaching Into Their Mouths And Removing Hooks

Diver Protects Sharks By Reaching Into Their Mouths And Removing Hooks

Cristina Zenato is a veteran diver who has worked with sharks on the south shore of Grand Bahama Island, for the last 25 years. In this group of sharks, there are 20 Caribbean Reef sharks and 5-6 nurse sharks. Needless to say, the level of intimacy between Zenato and these massive fish is absolutely remarkable, and it immensely supports her work.

Thanks to her ability to lure the predators in and put them into a state of tonic immobility, Zenato is also known as a ‘Shark-whisperer’. Tonic immobility is a hypnotic state that takes place when the sharks are flipped over, or when their noses are massaged. Carrying out this task requires immense bravery on the diver’s part and a sense of trust and reliability between the diver and the sharks.

Cristina Zenato
Source – Facebook

Putting these powers into good use, Zenato recently started to perform oral operations on the Bahamas sharks. She removes fishing hooks which are mostly stuck on the inner fringes of the sharks’ mouths.

Diver removes hooks from sharks
Source – The DoDo / Youtube

Sometimes, these hooks get embedded deep inside their mouths. In such instances, Zenato has to step up her game. As shown in the following video, Zenato places her hand and a part of her arm inside the mouth of a massive shark. Then, just as the shark starts to get anxious and swims away, she swiftly removes the hook. As the shark swims off, it accidentally brushes its tail on Zenato’s face.

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Last week, Zenato posted a pic of a freshly-removed, huge fishing hook on her Facebook page. As the caption, she wrote: “Here goes the last hook in the sharks. Removed today … at least till next time … sharks will be sharks and bite down on any available lure … they love to keep me busy.”

hooks removed by Zenato
Source – Facebook

It’s clear that Zenato is truly passionate about the well-being of these sharks, which is very heartwarming. What are your thoughts about Zenato’s work? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

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