Duck With Deformed Leg Walks Again Because Of 3D Printing

Duck With Deformed Leg Walks Again Because Of 3D Printing

Any of us can be born with handicaps. It’s absolutely normal, even for animals. A pet duck who lives with a guitarist was born with a deformed leg and guess what. His owner upgraded his quality of life by giving him a prosthetic leg.

The pet duck Waddles lives with a guitarist names Ben Weinman of Suicidal Tendencies. He owns an animal sanctuary where he houses a flock of 30 ducks.

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Unlike other ducks of his flocks, Waddles had trouble keeping up with the rest of the flock. He was born with a deformed leg and it was very difficult for him to match the physical achievements of others of his kind. Not even the simplest ones. He would often get outhustled when his owner throws out worms for the flock. “There were certain things he couldn’t keep up with,” said Ben Weinman.

Fortunately, Weinman found a way to help him walk again. Bionic Pets is one of the few companies that specialize in constructing custom-made prosthetics for animals. They have helped disabled animals by creating over 25000 devices since the company began in 2004. They mainly offer their services for dogs with injuries and chronic conditions but not always, like in this case. Every animal has its day and Bionic Pets work for that quality of life of any animal in need out there.

Duck with 3D printed leg
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Derrick Campana, a certified pet prostheticist at Bionic Pets fitted Waddles with his new leg and captured the first few moments of the successful union. It is quite visible that Waddles, the duck that was once disabled, was ecstatic to be able to walk in two feet.

Watch the first moments of the union between the duck that once had a deformed leg and his new orange, prosthetic leg. It is adorable how those at Bionic Pets match the color of his prosthetic leg with his other leg.

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