Emotional Moment When Dying Zoo Worker Receives Final Goodbye Kisses From Giraffe

Emotional Moment When Dying Zoo Worker Receives Final Goodbye Kisses From Giraffe

Some people have limitless love for animals, and zoo workers, who tirelessly look after animals day and night, are one of them. They spend their life tirelessly taking care of animals, making their lives easier and full of love. During this process, it’s only natural that animals and their caretakers get really close to each other as they spend a lot of time together. Because of this, they develop a deep, special, and unique bond that humans do not get to experience otherwise. This is why, when one of them passes away, the other feels a deep loss and sadness. This story is also about an emotional moment when a giraffe expressed his gratitude, affection, and final goodbyes to his caretaker in a really heartbreaking way.

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Mario Ejis, aged 54, worked as a caretaker at the Rotterdam’s Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo, Netherlands, for the past 25 years. He was very dedicated to

Giraffe kisses caretaker

his job and he did his best to care for the animals and to make them feel loved and safe. Without a doubt, the animals too liked him a lot and always welcomed him warmly. However, unfortunately, Ejis was diagnosed with incurable cancer. With time, he couldn’t even speak properly. This illness prevented him from being with the animals, and he could only lie down and await his death.

Even in this difficult, kind people were there to make him smile. Ambulance Wish Foundation, a charity organization, organized a wonderful journey to the zoo. Therefore, Ejis could spend a day with his beloved animals. During this, something miraculous happened. One of the kindhearted giraffes could sense that Ejis wasn’t feeling well, so it approached him lovingly and gave him a kiss. This for sure meant the world for Ejis. So, share your thoughts about this moment in the comments.

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