Experts Reveal 10 Behavioral Patterns Of Unhappy Couples

Experts Reveal 10 Behavioral Patterns Of Unhappy Couples

At the start of a relationship where everything is about love and a genuine connection, everything seems easy. The atmosphere around lovers seems really sweet and romantic, and everything seems to flow naturally. However, the truth is that in order to sustain long-term relationships, love is not enough. In fact, they require lots of effort and mutual respect, and all parties in the relationship should feel fulfilled and satisfied. When such needs are not met, relationships soon turn unhealthy.

Unhappy couples

The fastest and easiest way out of a toxic relationship is none other than ending the relationship once and for all. However, for various reasons, many people chose to stay in the relationship. Some people keep forgiving their partners in an attempt to save the relationship. Some people dread being alone, and some others are being emotionally manipulated to stay in toxic relationships. Needless to say, being in an unhealthy relationship is extremely draining, both physically and mentally. By checking out the below expert-curated signs, you will be able to identify unhappy couples, and even identify if there are unhealthy aspects in your own relationship.

#1 Passive-Aggressive Nature Is Normalized

People in unhappy relationships try not to get into full-fledged arguments. They only try to make a point and make their partners feel it. If the passive aggression used is mild, those in the relationship may not even feel it. However, with time, it grows, and a substantial amount of passive-aggression can anyways lead to arguments. Either way, if passive-aggression between a couple is too normalized, they are usually an unhappy couple.

#2 There’s A Lack Of New Experiences

Sharing and trying out new things with partners keeps any relationships thrilling, alive, and exciting. Among unhappy couples, such experiences do not happen anymore. This might be because they spend very little quality time together.

#3 Comparing The Present Relationship With Past Behaviors

When someone is always comparing their partner to how they used to be in the past, it usually signals that their current relationship is an unhappy one. Such wishful thinking gives away that their present relationship is stagnant, and that they are dissatisfied with it. When one changes, the partner usually mirrors their behavior, and may also have changed without them knowing. Miscommunication and misunderstandings may make matters worse, making it hard for both parties to admit that they are unhappy in the relationship.

#4 Excitement Is Replaced By Mundane Living

The relationships of unhappy couples are no longer exciting. It no longer includes things like fun and exciting dates, passionate sex, etc. These have been entirely replaced by work, chores, kids, or even drugs and alcohol. In unhealthy relationships, the spark just no longer exists. It’s hard to make it exciting again, but not impossible. For this, both parties should make a conscious effort.


#5 No More Date Nights

Dates are essential to a relationship as it helps couples to build a connection and to keep the passion alive. This doesn’t have to be grand. Some quality time alone, even on a mere rooftop or a little cafe, can be the perfect bonding experience. If couples no longer go on dates, it’s a clear sign that their relationship is falling apart. It’s important to communicate and clear things up before happiness is no longer there in the relationship.

#6 They Don’t Know Their Partner’s Schedules

You don’t have to know the entire schedule of your partner. But, it’s important to have a general idea about what your partner is up to during the day. The reason for this is the fact that happy couples are interested in each other’s day, and they care for each other. However, when a couple has no clue what each other is up to, or if they don’t really care, it’s a clear indication that the couple is unhappy.

#7 They Often Disagree With Each Other

Having too many disagreements and arguments are clear signs of an unhappy relationship. Even the littlest things like forgetting to do the dishes, not doing the laundry, etc might stir up arguments. The main for this is that unhappy couples don’t communicate properly. They are discontent with the relationship. When they don’t communicate their needs and wants, it may lead to resentment, anger, disappointment, and ultimately unhappiness.

#8 There’s No More Touching And Flirting

When couples get so used to each other, they reach a point where they feel like they don’t need to put in an effort to keep each other. This means that there’s no more random flirting, gentle whispers, etc. There are no more hugs and kisses. If this is the only issue, then the relationship just needs a bit of spice. However, when paired with other signs, it indeed signals an unhappy relationship.

#9 They Rarely Have Deep And Meaningful Conversations

Happy couples not only find a lover, but also a friend in each other. They can talk about anything and everything with each other. It’s important to have such deep and meaningful conversations with your intimate partner as it puts both of you on the same page. However, if the conversations have been reduced to one-liner and one-word answers, there’s unresolved tension among the couple. If they see eye to eye when talking, they may have suppressed feelings that need to be communicated. Such things can easily make a relationship unhappy.

#10 They Always Use The Phone Around Each Other

When we try to talk with a person who’s on their phone, we immediately get the feeling that they’re ignoring us. In fact, this is exactly what happens, as they don’t even bother to look at who’s talking to them. If couples are on their phone around each other, they have probably lost interest in each other. Or else, they are avoiding each other. Either way, this too is a clear sign of an unhappy relationship.

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Although unhappy couples try to hide their unhappiness and dissatisfaction, their words, actions, and even glances can be a major giveaway. The strange thing is that most of the time, they will try to ignore their misery and stick to the relationship. So, if you can recognize such signs in your relationship, it’s time to put in the effort to either fix it or leave the relationship.

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