Grieving Dog Who's Owner Died At Sea Visits Beach Daily To Stare At The Ocean

Grieving Dog Whose Owner Died At Sea Visits Beach Daily To Stare At The Ocean

Dogs aren’t considered as “man’s best friend” for nothing. Their intense love and loyalty for their owners never stops, not even in death. Dogs are very emotionally intelligent animals. They can understand if their loved ones have passed away. Not only that, but they even grieve in their own unique ways. It’s not rare to see certain dogs paying respect to their late owners at their graves. This story also features a dog whose love, affection, loyalty stays intact even after the owner’s death, and it’s truly bittersweet.


Jolie Mejía came across an unusual sight when she visited the seaside in Punta Negra. She saw a dog sitting on the beach and staring eagerly at the ocean, all by himself. Jolie knew that the dog was not abandoned as his fur was clean, and he wore a ribbon. So she waited for the dog’s owner while petting him. However, no one appeared for a few minutes. Although Jolie petted the dog, he only continued to look at the ocean.


However, soon, a man came and explained the situation to Jolie. He told her that the dog comes to the beach every day for a very heartbreaking reason. The dog’s owner was a fisherman, and he knows that his owner went to the sea one day, and never came back. He keeps staring at the sea since then. The man added that the dog gets excited every time he sees a ship. Maybe he’s waiting for his owner’s return.


The dog’s name is Vaguito, and Jolie was truly moved by his story. Although Vaguito’s story is sad, it’s pleasant to know that he is not alone. Everybody in the area is really fond of him. So, share your thoughts about this story in the comments!

Image credits: @jolsmr / Twitter

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