Industrious Mouse Cleans Up Retired Electrician’s Tool Shed Every Night

Industrious Mouse Cleans Up Retired Electrician’s Tool Shed Every Night

Animals, especially pets and domestic animals, can be unbelievably helpful sometimes. They may understand their owners and the humans around them in more ways than we can imagine. It’s not rare for us to come across videos of dogs watching over little children, dogs taking care of their owners that are sick, cats protecting babies by keeping them warm using their fur, etc. When we see such things, we can’t help but feel immense love and affection towards such animals. However, sometimes, even animals that aren’t domesticated and aren’t pets may help you in entirely unimaginable ways. This is also such a story.

Industrious Mouse

Stephen McKears is a retired electrician living in Gloucestershire, England. He was quite puzzled to discover that the little metal items scattered in his tool shed has been neatly arranged in the morning. McKears noticed that there were plastic clips in an old ice cream tub having peanuts. He used them to feed birds. Every night, he scattered the nuts across the shed. But in the morning, the mess was clean.

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This was a mystery to him, as he had no idea who arranged them neatly. He didn’t even find any clues that could explain what really happened. After several weeks of these mysterious cleanings, McKears laid out a plan to solve the mystery. Together with a neighbor, he made a mess in the tool shed and installed a security camera to monitor it overnight. What he saw in the camera footage was unbelievable. An industrious mouse was cleaning up the tool shed. So, if you like this story, check out the video above and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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