Inseparable Bond Between A Mare That Lost Her Foal And A Foal Who Had Lost Its Mother

Inseparable Bond Between A Mare That Lost Her Foal And A Foal Who Had Lost Its Mother

According to two Dutch horse handlers, there is an incredible bond between a foal who has lost its mother and a mother who has lost her foal.

They were featured on TikTok by their handlers, Iris Pinkster, 30, and Sanne Kolman, 22.

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The Begining Of Their Adventures

Their mare apparently gave birth to a premature foal this week, but the foal was pronounced dead. For the sake of the other foal who had lost his mother mare, they hoped to place her in the role of a foster mother. She embraced him like he was her own baby.

They then took them outside for the first time. It was crystal clear how deeply committed they were to one another.

This mare is without a doubt the year’s best mother! Because just five days later, the little foal had blossomed into a happy little bud. And his foster mom, Citty, is more than ecstatic.

A Herds’ Mourn

Two years ago, they purchased Citty, according to a statement made in an interview with Newsweek. Her personality and sweetness attracted the attention of the herders and made them want a foal from her. She was supposed to give birth in seven weeks, but her foal died of placentitis, so she was forced to deliver early. You could tell the rest of the herd was in mourning after she lost her baby. It was a real shame that things didn’t work out for the Citty Z 2.0 as they had hoped.


A Happy Ending

But things have turned for the best for the mother mare, and her foal, because the owners claimed it was love at first sight. The mare and foal couldn’t be much happier.

[Based on reporting by Newsweek]

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