11-Year-Old Nigerian Dancer Wins International Scholarship Thanks To Viral Video

11-Year-Old Nigerian Dancer Wins International Scholarship Thanks To Viral Video

Anthony Mmesoma Madu is an 11-year-old dancer from Nigeria. The young performer who recently became a viral sensation is truly talented with graceful, ethereal, and breathtaking moves. In order to become an accomplished dancer, he had to stand against many stereotypes. Madu attends the Leap of Dance Academy as one of the only 12 students. In June, the academy posted a video, showing the young artist showcasing his talents.

The video shows Madu, barefooted, expressing his impressive dedication and passion for his craft. He dances with swift, steady, and attractive movements in the heavy rain, on solid concrete. Throughout the dance, he radiates emotions such as inspiration and joy. The culture that he grew up in doesn’t approve of boys in ballet and his parents want him to be a priest in the future. However, these obstacles couldn’t discourage Madu from pursuing his true passion which is dance.

Madu Won An International Dance Scholarship For A 3-Week Virtual Workshop

Madu’s viral video has gathered over 15 million views. In addition, many influential people such as award-winning actress Viola Davis have praised his incredible talent.

The video was even able to receive the attention of Cynthia Harvey, which is significant. Harvey is the artistic director of American Ballet Theatre Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School of Dance of New York. The tenacity and the drive of the young artist were able to touch Harvey’s heart. As a result, she offered Madu a truly valuable present. This is none other than a full scholarship for a summer dance workshop. This virtual workshop which is conducted by the American Ballet Theatre will last for three weeks. The scholarship also includes internet access.

Thanks to the viral video, lots of external financial aid has been flowing towards Madu’s dance academy. The purpose of these isn’t only about offering free lessons to Madu and his classmates, but also about breaking dance-related gender stereotypes. You too can support Leap od Dance Academy through their GoFundMe campaign.

Madu is set to train in the US, at Ballet Beyond Borders, on a scholarship. The emerging artist is truly ecstatic about all the love and support he’s receiving. So, if you’re inspired by his story, share your thoughts in the comments!

Leap of Dance Academy: Facebook | Instagram | GoFundMe

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