Japanese Rescue Cat Goes Viral With Supermodel-Poses

Japanese Rescue Cat Goes Viral With His Supermodel-Like Poses

Charles Bukowski, a popular poet from Germany, got it right about style. He stated that when it comes to style, cats have it with abundance. This amazing cat from Japan whose name is Puusuke-kun is living proof that Bukowski’s statement was indeed correct. Recently, the cat took the internet by storm, gaining the well-deserved attention of so many people across the world, for his elegant and stylish demeanor. The viral photo was shared on Twitter by a pet rescue association called Lucky Star. In the photo, Puusuke-kun who’s five years old is posing like a chic supermodel.

Supermodel poses of cat

In the viral photo, Puusuke-kun is seen wearing a unique and fashionable cat outfit that looks like a swimsuit. His legs are crossed in an elegant manner and his gaze is directed straight to the camera, similar to a professional model. One thing is for sure, That is, Puusuke-kun is surely well aware of perfectly working it for the camera. The caption of the Twitter post, when translated from Japanese, reads “Is it necessary to be this cool?”. Without a doubt, the answer for this would be a huge “Yes!” for Puusuke-kun. The viral image of this cool cat who gives off supermodel vibes was able to gain over 40,000 likes.

Puusuke-kun is a rescue cat. Therefore, his life wasn’t always so glamorous and comfortable. However, from this incredible picture, we can say that now he’s living his best life in his forever home. So, what are your thoughts about this wholesome picture? Check out the article and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Image credits & more info: Website | Twitter

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