Khaby Lame, TikTok's Second-Biggest star, Loses Followers After Posting Anti-Racist Message

TikTok Star Khaby Lame Loses Followers After Posting Anti-Racist Message

Khaby Lame, the second-biggest star on TikTok, took to Instagram and TikTok to share some anti-racism messages. As a result of this, it’s reported that Khaby has been unfollowed by many people. This was claimed by a news outlet named Dexerto by allegedly sharing some screenshots.

Khaby Lame
Source – Valentina Frugiuele/Getty Images

Lame, aged 21, is a Senegalese-Italian TikToker. He is the second-most-followed creator of the platform, boasting a whopping 115 million followers. He is only second to Charli D’Amelio, who’s the most followed creator on TikTok with 125.6 million followers. Khaby got immensely popular on TikTok thanks to his videos where he makes fun of viral trends with an expressionless face. In his videos, Khaby ridicules the overcomplicated and bizarre nature of certain internet ‘hacks’ and ‘pranks’. He does this without saying a single word, which makes his TikToks even more entertaining.

Take A Looks At One Of Khaby Lame’s TikToks Below

@khaby.lame Could be the new Khaby ??? ??‍? ?? Potrebbe essere il nuovo Khaby? #learnfromkhaby #imparacontiktok #stitch ♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

Khaby shared a TikTok hashtagged #notoracism in September. Dexerto allegedly shared the screenshots showing Khaby’s Instagram story that featured a still reading “Say no to racism”, on Wednesday. This story is no longer available on Khaby Lame’s Instagram. According to these screenshots, after this incident, many comments from people stated that they are unfollowing Khaby as a result. The amount of people that follow Khaby’s Instagram is 48 million.

Khaby Lame
Source – Khaby Lame/Instagram

In a subsequent post, Khaby stated that anybody can unfollow him and that he doesn’t care about the numbers. As claimed by Dexerto, Khaby said: “We are almost in 2022 and people still use racism because they have nothing to do in their life. Be happy, follow your dream and try to save the planet.” He even added that what he does care about is the hearts of his followers. He even explained: “If you do think of something new, do it right and in a positive way!”

After that, he shared a link to a charity fundraiser in order to raise money for one of his young fans who’s suffering from stage 4 cancer. According to some more screenshots, Khaby seems to greatly encourage his followers to donate to the good cause without writing negative comments. You too can donate for his younger fan on

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