Lavender Lemonade To Help With Headaches And Anxiety

Lavender Lemonade To Help With Headaches And Anxiety

People are constantly on the run for making ends meet; from going to work, managing kids, dealing with family problems, to finding some personal time. Therefore, anxiety and headaches are a common occurrence for many people. Letting them take over continuously can deteriorate a human’s mental health to drastic levels.

Headaches and anxiety are results of being stressed continually. As a coping mechanism, many people resort to temporary, short-term methods of emotional releases, such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Although they are capable of providing a momentary pleasure, they can badly affect the health in the long run.


Therefore, a more reliable and sustainable solution is necessary to deal with the ill-effects of prolonged stress. Lavender oil, widely recognized for its healing properties, is a truly powerful essential oil. It contains more than 150 active compounds and is a proven antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and sedation agent. According to research conducted by the medical center of the University of Maryland, lavender is an effective treatment method for insomnia, alopecia, postoperative pain, and stress. Not only that, but the antiviral and antibacterial properties of lavender are also being investigated.

Researchers at the University of Florida suggest that lavender oil possesses the power to reduce anxiety and lower the rate of heartbeat. Surgery patients that underwent aromatherapy based on lavender, showed a significant drop of stress levels before the surgical procedures. Therefore, this study confirmed the strong sedative properties of lavender. Also, using lavender oil as an anti-depressant proved to aid in sleep.

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Numerous clinical studies have discovered many other health benefits of lavender oil. The pain-tolerance levels of both children and adults have shown a significant increment after undergoing lavender-based aromatherapy. It also proved to alleviate the anxiety and depression of female patients set to undergo dialysis treatment. After facing the olfactory administration of lavender oil, patients showed considerably decreased anxiety levels and increased alertness levels. As a result of burning lavender incense, the staff in a hospital reported improved moods and healthier working environments. Patients in ICU also showed reduced stress and anxiety levels.

In addition to multiple valuable health benefits rendered by lavender oil, it’s also well-received by the human body.

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Lavender lemonade is the perfect concoction to deal with anxiety and headaches. Consuming lavender lemonade help to control many symptoms like headache, inflammation, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

Lavender possesses a wide variety of immensely useful properties. Its anti-fungal property is helpful to naturally heal skin and nail infections. While its antiseptic property is used to cleanse the skin, the anti-bacterial nature suppresses the growth of bacteria. Its anti-inflammatory property reduces inflammation. The antimicrobial nature of lavender kills and inhibits microorganisms that cause diseases. Its anti-spasmodic nature alleviates spams, while its analgesic nature reduces pain-related symptoms. Last but not least, lavender even acts as a detoxifier, purifying vital organs like kidney and liver by cleansing the blood.

From the information stated above, it is evident that lavender essential oil is immensely helpful to maintain good physical and mental well-being. Now let’s learn how to make a delicious mix of lavender lemonade, that will perfectly complement any meal.

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The required ingredients are 1 cup of raw honey, 1 drop of lavender essential oil, 12 cups of pure water, 6 lemons, and if desired, lavender springs for garnish. Making lavender lemonade is very easy. You just have to peel and squish the lemons, mix the ingredients together, and chill. You can then adjust the taste as needed by adding more water or honey. Make use of this easy and valuable natural medicine and enjoy improved health and well-being!

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