Let's Dive Inside A lion’s Mouth

Let’s Dive Inside A Lion’s Mouth

The view from the antelope’s point of view was an unforgettable experience for everyone in the audience. The lioness bit down on a GoPro camera, accidentally filming the inside of its mouth and stunned the wildlife fans in South Africa. The close-up footage is currently going viral on the internet.

According to photographer Frank de Beer, who shot the accidental video in the Balule Nature Reserve on Feb. 7,

“I tried to anticipate the movements of the lions and got really lucky with a curious female.”

In order to capture the jaw-dropping image, the photographer left a video camera on a dirt path populated by lions.

Fortunately for him, Nala decided to bite, giving viewers a first-person perspective on what it might be like to be chomped by a lion — minus the battle scars, obviously.

Curious Lioness

It all begins with a curious lioness approaching the GoPro and then biting it. After several exploratory nips, the ferocious feline lifts the recording device up in her zebra-cruncher so that audiences can see her massive incisors and tongue in excruciating detail.

In the end,  fortunately, the camera was perfectly fine, thanks to its protective case, according to de Beer.

Getting a “behind-the-scenes” look at a big encounter is nothing new to him. In 2017, he used the same method to capture an elephant observing a GoPro with its trunk in Hoedspruit, Limpopo.

Naruto, an Indonesian crested macaque monkey, took a series of self-portraits using a photographer’s camera, which has since gone viral. The judge said that the monkey could not be the owner of the photos after a lengthy copyright claim.

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