Man And A Bear Becomes Best Friends Over The Years – Then She Brings Her New Cubs To Meet Him

Man And A Bear Becomes Best Friends Over The Years – Then She Brings Her New Cubs To Meet Him

A lot of people think that bears are ferocious and dangerous creatures. However, you may be surprised to learn that they have a sensitive side as well.

This can be clearly seen in today’s story of the guy and the black bear who have formed a unique bond.

Over the years, the mother bear has paid several visits to Patrick Conley, and on one beautiful day, she took her cubs to meet him!

Patrick is from Asheville, North Carolina, where black bears are very common and are known to be friendly with people.

One reason for this is that the bear population in this part of the United States has grown a lot. This is mainly because the bears have learned to live with people.

Simone, the mother bear, emerges from the woods to greet her human friend.

Simone does this all the time, so it’s not out of the ordinary for him. But when he met her this time, she brought her first litter of cute cubs to show him.

A cute family of bear cubs was trundling along following their mother. This gesture of Simone made Patrick’s heart full. He was happy beyond words to see his furry friend has given birth to beautiful cubs. He was feeling so proud and so grateful, that she took her time to show him, her cubs.

‘The cubs are the cutest things to ever have walked these woods, but then I’m kind of biased,’ he wrote on the caption for this video.

When Patrick met the cubs for the first time, it felt like meeting a new member of the family.

It’s clear that Simone and Patrick have a strong connection, as Simone goes right up to the porch with her pups behind.

Clearly, the cubs don’t feel as at home as their mother does. They pause a little before jumping up on the porch.

When all three are on the porch to greet Patrick, he was awestruck.

It’s unusual for a bear to be so friendly with Patrick, a human, but she trusts him so much that she brought her babies to meet him. This is just so pure!

After some exploring, climbing, and playing around, Simone says it’s time to go, and the three of them go into the woods.

Patrick also mentions that Simone looked like she had eaten well and was healthy.

Watch the full encounter below

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