Man Carries 100 Kg Elephant On Shoulders And Rescues It

Man Carries 100 Kg Elephant On Shoulders And Rescues It

Sometimes, animals get into unexpected troubles. On such occasions, as humans, we should do what we can to ensure their safety. Some compassionate people go to unimaginable lengths to rescue others, and this is also such a wholesome story. A 28-year-old forest guard named Palanichamy Sarathkumar did an incredibly heroic act by rescuing a baby elephant by carrying it out of a ditch on his shoulders.

The elephant weighed around 100 kg while the man weighed around 80 kg. Needless to say, many were curious as to how he carried it out when it weighed more than him. Also, as a reward for his bravery and dedication, many people flooded him with love and support. Although carrying the elephant was really tough, all that effort was worth it. The calf and its mother were finally reunited.

Man carries elephant

The forest team in which Mr. Sarathkumar is a member is stationed around 32 miles from Ooty hill station, Mettupalayam, India. After the video of him carrying the calf was shared on social media and TV, many people called to congratulate him. He states that he feared losing his balance while carrying the elephant. However, his friends managed to restrain the calf a little, helping him to carry it.

The Lost Calf Was The Cause Of Mother Elephant’s Anguish

One day, when Mr. Sarathkumar was returning home after a night shift, he received a call. It said that the road near the Vanabhadra Kaliamman temple was being blocked by a female elephant. Along with his colleagues, he sent her back to the woods and searched for other elephants in the area.

Then only they found the calf stuck in a ditch. They used a big boulder to take it out and tried to reunite the pair. At first, Mr. Sarathkumar and his friends carried the calf together. To reunite the duo, they needed to carry it to the other side of the road. But, since it was dangerous, Mr. Sarathkumar decided to take the risk alone. So, he carried it alone for about 50 meters and dropped it off near a watering hole. Then they waited a few hours for the mother elephant and left.

The next day, the calf was gone. However, there were pugmarks of a big elephant on the ground. This showed that the duo has been safely reunited. So, if you loved this wonderful story, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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