Fawn Doesn't Want To Let Go Of The Kind Man Who Rescued Her

Fawn Doesn’t Want To Let Go Of The Kind Man Who Rescued Her

Darius Sasnauskas is a Lithuanian national who resides in the USA at the moment. He’s an animal lover who truly admires wildlife. Once in his childhood, he witnessed the birth of a baby deer, and this made him really excited. This happened in his own backyard which is located close to the Yellowstone National Park. The mother deer gave birth to three fawns, but unfortunately, one was injured. Therefore, she was unable to keep up with his mother and siblings and was left alone.


Man rescues fawn


Man rescues fawn

This is how he came to stay with Darius who thankfully took him in and raised him with love. It was obvious that the injured newborn would not survive in the wild, so the kindhearted man made the decision of fostering her. Although he doesn’t agree with domesticating wild animals, in this case, he had to do it in order to ensure her safety.


Man rescues fawn


Man rescues fawn

The process of rehabilitation started well. Darius took the fawn in, cared for her leg, and even researched about feeding her. Every 3-4 hours, he handed her milk, doing all he could to make her feel comfortable. Her condition got better with time, and she felt at home with her rescue and his other beloved pets, a cat and a dog. Her injured leg fully healed and she became strong too.


Man rescues fawn


Man rescues fawn

After her recovery, Darius hoped to send he back to the wild, where she truly belongs. However, he has already made an everlasting bond with her. Therefore, the fawn kept refusing to go back, returning to the kind man who rescued her. So, if you like this wholesome story, check out the pictures and the video and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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