Man Spots Dying Bear Cub A Hike And Risks Prison To Save It’s Life

Man Spots Bear Cub In Critical Condition During A Hike And Risks Prison To Save It’s Life

Corey Hancock, a photographer, was hiking along a picturesque trail in Oregon, last Monday night. This is when he accidentally came across a three-month-old bear cub who was heavily injured and was barely holding onto life. The poor animal was in a truly critical condition, and Hancock immediately knew that it won’t be able to survive for a long time. When Hancock first approached the cub, it was barely moving, and it seemed to be abandoned.

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Regardless of the circumstances, Hancock just couldn’t leave the poor bear cub alone. Therefore, he decided to do whatever he could to save its life and took it with him for over two miles. Hancock wasn’t sure if the cub would even survive the journey. At one point, he performed CPR on the cub, and it breathed. It was obvious that even breathing was very difficult for the poor cub.

Man saves bear cub

Hancock took the little cub to the Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon. At the moment, the cub is gradually recovering here. Before it was rescued, the cub was suffering from dehydration and malnutrition, but now he’s doing much better.

Man saves bear cub

Many animals experts out there will probably disagree with Hancock’s decision. Also, according to the regulations of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Hancock could get himself in major trouble for what he did. To be precise, his action can result in a $6000 fine or a year in jail. However, fortunately, Oregon State Police stated that they won’t penalize Hancock for saving the baby bear’s life.

Man saves bear cub

Sometimes, doing what you feel is right is more important than doing what’s written in the law. So, what are your thoughts about this wholesome story? Isn’t Hancock’s brave act incredible? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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