Massive Sperm Whale Weighing 60 Tons Beached For 21 Hours Rescued

Massive Sperm Whale Weighing 60 Tons Beached For 21 Hours Rescued

A massive sperm whale was found stranded in China, near the port city in Zhejiang province. After being stranded for almost 21 hours, it was rescued by rescue teams. The sperm whale measured 19 meters in length and was found by a fisherman who informed the authorities about the incident. In the footage below, we can see how the authorities are doing their best to rescue the whale and return it to the ocean, eventually achieving success. The estimated weight of the whale amounts to 60 tons.

Beached whale
Source – Bastiaan Schuit/Shutterstock

In an attempt to keep the whale hydrated, the rescuers kept throwing water on the whale. When the tide rose last Tuesday, they finally managed to drag the giant back into the ocean with the help of five ships. It was fully safe and sound in the water by Wednesday morning. The rescuers could safeguard the life of the whale thanks to the hard work and determination of everybody.

An exact reason has not yet been deduced for the stranding of whales. As claimed by experts, most of the time, whales come to the ocean as a result of shallow sea beds. When the sea-beds are too shallow for them, it can interrupt their method of communication, which is solar navigation. The sounds bounce on shallow beds, making the whales confused. Seismic testing is another reason for the beaching of whales as it can result in disorientation and confusion among marine creatures.

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You can make your contribution to stop seismic testing and help save beached whales by signing the petitions here and here. So, check out the video above and share your thoughts in the comments.

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