Meet Skippy, A 26-Year-Old Border Collie Is the “Oldest Dog in Ireland”

Meet Skippy, A 26-Year-Old Border Collie Is the “Oldest Dog in Ireland”

There are many people who love their pets and want them to live forever, but they know that all good boys and girls have to cross the rainbow bridge at some point. But Patrick Geraghty has been able to keep this from happening with the help of his dog, Skippy, so this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. In Ireland, where the Border Collie lives, it’s thought to be the oldest dog in the country. It’s also thought to be one of the oldest dogs in the world. Skippy is the same age as a person who is 130 to 145 years old.

Meet Skippy!

Since the summer of 1995, Geraghty and Skippy have been an unbreakable team of friends. To start with, when he was a few weeks old, the man started raising the pup. He got him from the breeder. A Border Collie is ideal for working and herding because they are part of the “working and herding” breed. Skippy has been working on a farm for the last few years.

Skippy’s mobility has naturally decreased as he has gotten older. This time, he needs the help of Geraghty in order to stand on his own. It looks like Skippy can’t hear as well as he did before. But that hasn’t broken the two of them apart. His human says, “We’re good buddies.” Despite the fact that he has been good to him when he has been in good health, he is now in poor health, and Geraghty has to give him water and food three times a day—which he doesn’t mind doing.

Skippy doesn’t have any official records to show how old he is, but there are family members who remember Skippy as a puppy on the farm in the 1990s. A neighbor of Geraghty’s recalls the dog chasing their car about 20 years ago when they first moved into the neighborhood. Skippy and Geraghty will be together for as long as they can, no matter what their age is, no matter how old they get.

h/t: [Irish Mirror]

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