Monkey Gives Mouth To Mouth Resuscitation For A Friend That Fell To The Ground

Monkey Gives “Mouth To Mouth” To A Friend That Fell To The Ground

We have come across so many unique and unexpected animal moments. But, I’m sure this is the first time that you’re seeing a monkey “administering CPR” to another. This incredible moment was shared between a couple of vervet monkeys. The dramatic moment was captured on camera by a wildlife photographer named William Steel at the Gaborone Game Reserve, Botswana.

Monkey Gives Mouth-To-Mouth

Steel was photographing vervet monkeys at the reserve when he noticed that one of the female monkeys was somewhat sensational. She was lying on the ground on her back with her arms opened outwards. At that moment, a male monkey approached her and did something totally unexpected. He sat next to the female monkey on the ground and offered her mouth-to-mouth. We’re not sure what exactly he did, but at least, that’s what it resembles. However, the truth is, the female monkey did not have any breathing difficulties. By putting on the little dramatic act, she was expecting another monkey to come and groom her.

Monkey Gives Mouth-To-Mouth

Steel states that this is a common way of holding among vervet monkeys. Monkeys are quite clever. Therefore, they have the ability to positively mimic humans and perform human-like acts. So, although the monkey appears to be giving mouth to mouth to the other, this can be taken as a case of humanoid attribution, where non-humans pick up human attributes from humans.

Monkey Gives Mouth-To-Mouth

Of course, pets too feel many emotions such as happiness and excitement, and these are not limited to humans. Other than that, pets don’t understand most of what is spoken by humans except for the few commands that they have been trained for. So, what are your thoughts about the adorable pics? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Image credits: William Steel

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