Abandoned Baby Kangaroo Keeps Hugging His Teddy Bear

This Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Keeps Hugging His Teddy Bear

If you’ve been having a gloomy day, these wholesome pics of an adorable baby kangaroo hugging his teddy bear will surely light you up. This is definitely the cutest and most wholesome thing you will see today.

The abandoned baby kangaroo was rescued by Gillian Abbot, a licensed Australian wildlife rehabilitator in New South Wales. At the time when it was rescued, the little kangaroo was just a couple of months old.  When the baby kangaroo was first discovered, it was in terrible shape. His rescuers assume that the baby kangaroo may have fallen out of his mother’s punch, or his mother might be dead.

Baby Kangaroo Hug His Teddy Bear

Tim Beshara. Abbot’s daughter, states that the baby kangaroo was passed to Abbot’s wildlife company WIRES when he was just two months old. Abbot gave the adorable baby kangaroo a cute name as well, which is none other than Doodlebug.

Baby Kangaroo Hug His Teddy Bear

Abbot hangs teddies around the yard where the rescued animals live. The orphaned animals were also used to give favorable responses to the teddy bears. Therefore, Abbot decided to give Doodlebug his own stuffed animal. Doodlebug and his new stuffed was love at first cuddle, and it was such an endearing sight!

Baby Kangaroo Hug His Teddy Bear

After Doodlebug was passed to Abbot’s rescue organization, Abbot nursed it back to health. At the moment, the healthy and fully-grown kangaroo is happily and freely exploring the forest. It doesn’t forget to come back to occasional feeding and cuddles though.

Beshara explains that they treat teddy bear the same way toddlers do, as a companion. Even though he spends most of his time in the wild, Doodlebug knows that his teddy and a bowl of yummy food will always wait for him in Abbot’s yard!

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