NASA Solar Probe 'Touches The Sun', Becomes Fastest Object Ever Built

NASA Solar Probe ‘Touches The Sun’, Becomes Fastest Object Ever Built

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe is the fastest object ever to be constructed by humans. It recorded a whopping speed of 330,000 miles per hour while flying past the outer atmosphere of the sun, which is practically ‘touching the sun‘.

The Parker Solar Probe is a diminutive, scorch-proof spacecraft. Its size is approximately similar to that of a small car. In the second half of April, the spacecraft made history with two wild space records, beating the previous champion which was also itself.

NASA parker solar probe
Source – NASA

NASA launched the Parker Solar Probe in August 2018. Its mission was to carry out studies regarding the sun. For the past couple of years, the probe has been flying quite closer to our solar system’s giant fireball. The probe has been utilizing the planet Venus as a slingshot. On the 29th of April, the probe made its closest approach to the sun, termed ‘perihelion’. During the perihelion, Parker flew with an almost incomprehensible speed. This speed was high enough to circle the planet Earth 13 times over within a single hour, which is truly incredible.

In February 2020, the Parker Solar Probe set a couple of amazing records. It became the fastest man-made object, acquiring a speed of 244,255 mph. It also became the spacecraft that’s closest to the sun, being just 11.6 million miles away from it. At present, however, both these records have been surpassed by the probe itself. Now. it has achieved a speed of 330,000 mph and has traveled just 6.5 million miles away from the sun.

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Next Perihelion To Occur In November 21st

These are really some one-of-a-kind records to hold, and this is just the beginning. Parker is expected to break its own record again later this year when using another flyby of Venus to slingshot closer to the sun. The next perihelion is expected to take place on the 21st of November.

NASA’s Parker Solar Probe has already revealed lots of valuable information about the sun. The journal Nature revealed the initial batch of data collected by Parker in 2019 December. To receive regular updates about the latest space news, keep in touch with CNET’s 2021 Space Calendar.

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