Photographer Captures Absolutely Endearing Pic Of Two Cuddly Newts

Photographer Captures Absolutely Endearing Pic Of Two Cuddly Newts

People love having cute animals as pets. But, it’s not common to see newts being raised as pets, and honestly, we don’t come across lots of people who find newts adorable. However, after checking out this story, I’m pretty sure that your impression of newts will change. This absolutely adorable picture of two snuggly salamanders, captured by Twitter user Moi, with surely fill your heart with joy.

Cuddly newts
Source – @web_imori / Twitter

The Japanese breeder has been raising amphibians for over a decade. However, she has never been able to capture such a cuddly and endearing picture of her pet amphibians.

The picture was just too good and perfectly timed that she couldn’t help but share it on Twitter. As expected, so many Twitter users fell in love with the wholesome photo. It managed to gain over 120,000 likes, proving that netizens indeed find it adorable. In the image, one of the newts is seen giving a full bear hug to the other. The head of the newt who’s back-hugging the other is adorably placed on top of the one in the front.

To add to the cuteness of the pic, the forelimbs of the newt at the front are open to either side, while the other has its limbs tightly wrapped around it. The fact that this image looks like the one at the bottom is giving the other a piggyback ride makes this endearing moment even more precious.

Twitter users soon compared the loving pair to multiple fictional characters. One user compared them to the legendary scene from Titanic, while another pointed out that they look like the frog and the toad from the popular children’s book series.

Isn’t it incredible how such random images beautifully showcase the extent of love that exists in the animal world? Isn’t it amazing how animals too, similar to humans, are able to create bonds and cherish one another? So, if this wholesome pic bought a smile to your face, share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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