Photographer Captures the Wild Beauty and Grace of Horses

Photographer Captures The Wild Beauty And Grace Of Horses

Perhaps one of the most difficult things to photograph is an animal. You can’t just ask an animal to smile for the camera and expect it to pose like a model right away. It can be especially harder to show the beauty and grace of large animal models.

Wiebke Haas

Animal photography has been a passion for Wiebke Haas for many years, and she has consistently produced stunning images of majestic creatures. Haas decided at an early age that she wanted to combine her love of animals and photography, so she went on to study to become a wildlife photographer and earn her certification. She has gained some insight into how to get the best out of her horse models after years of experience in the area.

Wiebke Haas’s Pieces Of Advice

  • She advises selecting a fast camera with a good sensor and a lens with a minimum focal length of 135mm.
  • Getting to know the breed of horse (or animal) you’re working with helps you make clean lines and compositions that show off the unique beauty of each one.
  • Slowly connecting them into the studio area helps make them feel more at ease, and a relaxed animal gives the best shots.
  • Then, be ready to move around the animal and be extremely patient because you are not dealing with a human.

Haas’ Thoughts

In Haas’ view, we see ourselves in animals because we continuously compare their behaviour and features to our own. She has an incredible talent for capturing the strength, grace, and even craziness of horses in her striking pictures.

Here are some of the pictures shot by her.














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