How Physical Punishment Damages Child's Mental Health

How Physical Punishment Damages Child’s Mental Health

Where do you stand on hitting a child? Did your parents smack you?

Believe it or not but, many people who resort to acts of physical violence to discipline their children. Did you know that more than 70 percent of Americans believe that spanking their child is an acceptable form of punishment?
However, what they don’t realize is the amount of mental damage they’re doing. Sure, the sting from a belt or switch will quickly fade, but the marks left on a child who suffers from physical reprimand can last a lifetime.

Why Bodily Punishment Never Works?

Striking a child should never be a dominant disciplinary method. Everyone makes mistakes, and many don’t know how to handle the situation. Use the past to make better decisions for the future. Here are ten reasons why you should never use corporal punishment on your children.

1. Violence Is Never Okay

Every time you use physical correction on your child, you teach them that this is an acceptable way to deal with anger and conflicts. It’s also very inconsistent with the social norms, making the child feel singled out and ashamed.

2.Inflicting Pain On A Child Is Destructive

Making your child feel pain for the wrong choice in life is cruel. Some people believe that they are doing things for the child’s good, but parenting is about love, not to hurt, so you need to find effective discipline methods that show you love them.

3. It’s Damaging You Too

Not only is striking your child emotionally damaging to them, but it’s also damaging to you. Have you ever spanked your child and felt horrible afterward? You may doubt your parenting skills and feel doubt, remorse, or guilt over your actions. It makes parents feel like a bully and not a guide in life.

4. Can Create Self Esteem Problems

Striking of any kind can be damaging to a child’s ego. When you hit them, they feel as if there is something wrong with them. They don’t question their behavior as they’re feeling the pain from their parent hitting them.
Did you know that this action can lead to self-image issues as well as body image problems?

5. Putting Your Child In A Powerless Position

Every time you strike your child, you are making them feel powerless. When a person feels helpless and out of control, then they will act out even more. Studies show that spanking can cause children to act worse, not better.

6. Shows Poor Coping Skills

Parents need to instill respect, values, and standards for their children. However, when you’re hitting your child, it’s hard to show them anything other than anger and poor coping skills.

7. Crossing The Child’s Personal Boundaries

Things have certainly changed over the past few decades. This generation knows how to respect their body and to keep people out of their personal space. You teach them that no one should ever cross their boundaries.
Yet, when a parent spanks a child, it does just that. Striking a child will break their trust as well as invade any sense of security the child feels.

8. Not Effective Communication

Every action causes a reaction. If your child is having an issue and acts out, they will not be eager to talk to you when you spank them. Instead, sitting down and getting to the crux of the problem will do more for them than hitting ever could.

9. Bad Path To Start Down

With traditional discipline, parents start with a time out, then grounding, and there is a progression of steps. The punishments become more difficult as the child’s behavior continues. However, when you spank a child, there’s nowhere to go from there.

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