Meet The Pink-Throated Twinspot With Attractive Polka Dots On Its Coat

Meet The Pink-Throated Twinspot With Attractive Polka Dots On Its Coat

The surprises of nature, be they living or non-living, are endless. Every time you assume that you have seen everything that nature has to offer, you are proved wrong. This absolutely stunning bird named the Pink-Throated Twinspot will definitely leave you in awe of the beautiful creations of nature.

Pink throated twinspot Source –  Instagram/ig_of_southafricans

When you see this uniquely attractive and super charming bird, you’ll feel like seeing a retro lady with a great fashion sense. It looks so unreal that you will feel like you’re stuck in a fairytale with magical creatures.

Pink throated twinspot Source –  Instagram/theflacksphotography

The estrildid finch belongs to the family, and its scientific name is hypargos margaritatus which means “a small monster with a hundred pearly eyes”. This adorable bird has a plump shape.

Pink throated twinspot Source – Instagram/rog_tom_hogg

Like other twinspots, its body consists of polka dots, a distinctive feature of these birds. However, the features that make the Pink-Throated Twinspot unique are the guava pink on its crown, throat, and face. Thanks to these strong, charismatic, and noteworthy physical features, these birds immediately grabs the attention of watchers wherever they appear.

Pink throated twinspot Source – Instagram/wildtomorrowfund

The plumage of the female bird is not as attractive as the male. Instead, their plumage color is made up of various shades of brown. However, the gorgeous white polka dots on the black patches are visible on the female birds as well, on its underpart.

Pink throated twinspot

Source – Instagram/printwild

This bird species is most commonly seen in South Africa. They can also be found in areas such as Mozambique, Eswatini, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, and Limpopo.

Pink throated twinspot Source – Instagram/bwildlife_birds

Although these birds have a large range, only a couple of twinspot nests could be found in the wild. Therefore, their breeding habits are still unknown. The female usually lays three to four eggs, and the chicks were looked after by parents for 20-21 days, in captivity.

Pink throated twinspot Source – Instagram/royglasspool_photo

At the present, the population of these little birds is considered to be stable. So, check out the article and share your thoughts about these adorable birds in the comments!

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