Rabbits Fighting In Midair Looking Like An Anime Battle Captured On Camera

Rabbits Fighting In Midair Looking Like An Anime Battle Captured On Camera

Uta is a professional rabbit photography team consisting of Takayuki Nakamura and Moya Nakamura. An epic battle among rabbits is featured in one of their recent series of photographs. This grand moment where the duo is battling it out looks like a scene from Fist of the North Star, a popular manga series. Generally, we all perceive rabbits as petite, delicate, cuddly, and absolutely lovable animals. However, their fighting spirit comes out sometimes, and that’s how we know that their punches are quite good. Also, if the photos below can prove anything, it would be the fact that even professional martial arts masters can learn a thing or two from these cotton-tailed fluff balls.

In the pictures, two bunnies are executing kicks, aerial punches, and flips against each other in mid-air. From what appears to be the result of the interesting exchange, one rabbit has clearly won the fight using an incredible side-kick. The photographs too are definitely one-of-a-kind, perfectly capturing the thrill and the energy of the moment.

As expected, those who saw the pics couldn’t help but compare the epic bunny fight to famous fight scenes from manga and fighter games. In a manga snapshot shared by a Twitter user, a bunny fight was really featured. In addition to these amazing comparisons, one user went as far as editing the photo to look like it came from a video game. This even included player energy and stamina bars which are common in characters from video games. Another user who was inspired by the pic made an illustration of a similar situation. So, check out the images below and share your thoughts with us. Also, don’t forget to follow Uta on Twitter and Facebook.











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