Rare Seal That's Rejected By Its Colony May Have To Get Rescued

Rare Seal That’s Rejected By Its Colony Might Have To Get Rescued

Tyuleny is a Russian island in the Sea of Okhotsk. A unique seal that’s golden in color lives here with its colony. Vladimir Burkanov, a marine mammal scientist, got a rare opportunity to interact with this endearing animal species when he visited the island. The golden seal that stands out from the rest is half albino, which has insulted in its golden coat, pink fins, and blue eyes. According to experts, just one partial albino birth is seen in a hundred thousand births. Therefore, this deems seals as a really unique species for scientific research.

There’s no doubt that this unique seal looks pretty and charming. However, unfortunately, this small seal has been nicknamed “Ugly Duckling” because it looks different from the others. A few years ago, there was another golden seal named Nefanya. But, the poor seal’s companions rejected her because she was different. Because of this, marine biologists are extremely worried that this new albino seal pup will also get to experience the same fate. As claimed by Vladimir, the young seal is still a part of the colony. However, there are clear signs that it might get rejected in the future. According to Vladimir’s experience with marine animals, this golden seal probably has impaired vision. Also, its chances of aging and reproduction are very slim.

Currently, the colony is being closely monitored by experts. This is to ensure the animal’s safety if it gets rejected by the colony. This golden seal will get transferred into a Russian dolphin center in case it gets rejected. However, there’s still hope, as there’s a possibility that her colony might accept her. So, check out the following images of this unique seal pup and share your thoughts with us in the comments.


Seal rejected by colony


Seal rejected by colony


Seal rejected by colony


Seal rejected by colony


Seal rejected by colony


Seal rejected by colony



Image credits: Instagram / bigdaddivladi

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