Real-Life SpongeBob and Patrick Photographed By A Deep-Sea Camera

Real-Life SpongeBob and Patrick Photographed By A Deep-Sea Camera

SpongeBob SquarePants was a show that we never missed as kids! So, if you’re a fan of this really popular animated TV series, you will find this amazing under-the-sea wildlife photo truly interesting. Look-alikes of SpongeBob and Patrick have been caught on camera at the deep sea.

According to NPR reports, the incredible photo was captured by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Okeanos Explorer research ship. It was sailing nearly 200 miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States. Also, a submersible consisting of a live camera was being operated at a depth of 1885 meters. That’s when the silly but interesting photo was captured.

Christopher Mah is an NOAA collaborator and a research associate National Museum of Natural History. He was the person who was monitoring the feed. When he caught sight of a yellow sponge and a pink sea star side by side, SpongeBob and his best friend Patrick immediately crossed his mind. SpongeBob and Patrick are besties in the animation. However, that’s not the case in real life, because sponges are food to sea stars.

SpongeBob and Patrick
Source – Nickelodeon

Therefore, it’s not difficult to assume why the starfish is next to the sponge. The sponge is about to get devoured! Mah told NPR that the reality is indeed a bit crueler than what’s shown in a cartoon.

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At the time this photo was taken, the Okeanos Explorer was in the middle of an expedition called North Atlantic Stepping Stones, which is one month long. It explored a number of unknown regions of the Atlantic Ocean. So, what are your thoughts about this wonderful photo? Check out the article and let us know what you think in the comments!

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