Restored Footage Shows How San Francisco Was Before The 1906 Earthquake

Restored Footage Shows How San Francisco Was Before The 1906 Earthquake

The people of San Francisco, California were just about to start their day. However, the day was shattered as a massive earthquake struck the city at 5:12 a.m. on April 18, 1906. The duration of the terribly destructive earthquake was less than a minute. However, it was enough to shake up the city to its core.

San Francisco

The fires that were ignited around the city by tremors burned for over 3 days. The number of deaths caused by the incident adds up to a whopping 3,000. In addition, an estimated amount of 200,000 residents of San Francisco, which is half of the city’s population, were left homeless.

Watch The Original Video Below

On April 14th, four days before the earthquake, the city was photographed by Mile Brothers who are moving picture photographers. They artistically captured the city’s fashion, transportation, and busy atmosphere in a way that could never be seen again. The point-of-style video titled “A Trip Down Market Street” was taken from a cable car, and is 116 years old.

Watch The Remastered Video Below

NASS, a video restorer, recently remastered this video, and it certainly takes us back in time. To restore the video, the original 15 FPS was boosted to 60. Thereby, the image resolution was updated to HD, and the sharpness and brightness of the video were improved. Some additional colors and sounds have been added using AI. They are mainly for the ambiance and are not historically accurate.

Overall, the remastered video really makes us feel like we’re in 1906, riding a cable car down Market Street. Currently, the original footage is stored at Prelinger Archives, San Francisco. So, share your thoughts about this video with us in the comments.

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