Women Share Ridiculous Body ‘Facts’ They Heard From Men

Women Share Ridiculous Body ‘Facts’ They Heard From Men

The Internet is often regarded as the new information superhighway. But sometimes, it is more about baseless misinformation and memes. Although millions of terabytes of human knowledge are readily available on the internet, some people, specifically men, are still confused about the most basic things.

It all started when user @wahweepop posted a 76-character description of her date on Twitter. By this tweet, it’s safe to conclude that her date didn’t go well. The fact that ‘not every person can know everything’ is true indeed. However, every adult human, male or female, probably should’ve learned that periods normally last for two to seven days. If it lasts more than that, you should seriously consider seeing a doctor.


The said tweet, however, made lots of other women share their own stories of times that men taught them about their own anatomy. One thing is clear from all the ridiculous stories. Dear men, you really need to learn some biology.







Much to our surprise, periods aren’t the only thing that seems to confuse men. In fact, they lack a proper understanding of the pubic area in general. Also, it’s not only the female-specific physiology that’s so much of a mystery to men. Some dudes don’t even know about their own anatomy.




Unfortunately, even in this so-called ‘modern’ age, female bodies are something of an enigma. This can have so many potentially dangerous health ramifications. Because of this, we naturally hope that at least doctors have proper knowledge about female physiology. But according to this SubReddit named r/badwomensanatomy, even medical professionals might sometimes be clueless about how half of the world’s population lives.



Ridiculous female body facts
Source – Reddit


Ridiculous female body facts
Source – Reddit


Ridiculous female body facts
Source – Reddit

We should always remember that it’s completely fine to not know something. What’s important is to learn from your mistakes. So, check out these sad yet hilarious opinions of men and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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